Monday, July 13, 2009

Oh, right: Drinking Skeptically... Also: I need your input

It's another Drinking Skeptically event at Piper Down! This Wednesday, the 15th at 7:00!

I need some ideas from you guys on what we can do to make these events more... eventful. I love chilling out around the table and having a beer with you all, but what would YOU like to see happen? Discussion points? Games?

I've asked this question once before, but the thread was quickly derailed by a troll, so I'll ask it again:

What do you want out of this group?

And more than that, what can you do to contribute to the group?

I don't necessarily mean money (though there are expenses I have to cover to keep the group going from time to time). Are you a natural organizer? Do you have contacts that would make great guest speakers?

Let's take this discussion to the comments section, and I'll also bring it up at this week's Drinking Skeptically.

Just to get things started, here's some ideas on goals we might want to take on over the course fo the next year. Please give me your thoughts on these, or add your own ideas, in the comments below:
  • Build alliances and contacts with other rationalist/secular groups in the area, such as the Humanists of Utah and SHIFT (the U of U Secular Student Alliance)
  • Increase the number of guest speakers and special events (such as the author talks with Mary Roach and Jon Ronson)
  • Organize a trip to next year's Amazing Meeting (I know some of you went this year, and I'm jealous!)
  • Become more involved in actively confronting anti-rationality and pseudoscience in Utah
  • Affiliate with national organizatoins, such as the Center for Inquiry.
Now it's your turn. Hit the comments section and keep the discussion going!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Update on Jon Ronson book brunch

Hi everyone! If you were planning on attending the Jon Ronson book chat this Sunday, I'm afraid you'll have to wait a little longer. I've had to reschedule it. I'm currently working with Jon on determining a new date, which will likely be in August some time. My apologies.

This gives you a chance to pick up and read Them if you've not yet done so!

More details to follow...